Children’s Learning Center delivers family centered early intervention services to children with disabilities or developmental delays in the Lake Ozarks region.

Children of all skill levels participate in inclusive programming.

The developmental approach to early support encourages children to be active learners by exploring both people and materials in their environment.  The daily schedule is a predictable routine, which allows children to feel secure and comfortable, and helps them to follow directions and participate independently and fully in all activities.  Our program strives on low adult to child ratios and includes  a lead instructor, group instructor, therapist(s), and support staff/volunteer.  The staff and therapists work cooperatively, sharing individual expertise and responsibility in providing developmental activities within the program.

We offer assistance for families with children experiencing delays in the area of self-help, communication, physical & social-emotional.  Play is the foundation for a child’s development and the basis of all therapy sessions.

Activities promote child and family growth and enhance the capacity of families to meet the exceptional needs of their child.

Staff & therapists encourage development & heighten the child’s development through meaningful family and community inclusive experiences in order to maximize the child’s potential.  Therapy sessions occur in the child’s home, child care, or in inclusive sessions at the center.

Support Services

We respect each child’s individuality & support an environment where all children develop from and with each other.  Through inclusive programming, children with and without special needs play and grow together.  CLC provides the services needed to provide community integration, social skills, and self-help/adaptive improvement for kids of all abilities.

 Some advantages of  young children in inclusive classes are:

 *All children develop best when they are exposed to peers with a variety of skills.

 *Children with special needs achieve at a higher level when they interact with their peers.

 *A shared common interest being together creates friendships outside of school.

 *Children develop patience, compassion and acceptance of the strengths and abilities of others.