We are a not for profit, 501(c)3 Missouri corporation dedicated to providing high-quality inclusive programs, experiences and appropriate support to children birth to 6 years of age with and without special needs or developmental delays.


Children’s Learning Center accepts referrals from families, schools and Parents As Teachers (PAT) programs, First Steps, Regional Centers for Developmental Disabilities, physicians and hospital staff, social service agency caseworkers, private or third party payers.

Our Philosophy

Children’s Learning Center supports the philosophy of inclusive programming.  Supported by research, inclusion fosters the belief that children with special abilities do better in general settings with typically developing peers.  CLC believes that inclusion is more than just the physical placement of a child in a classroom.  Inclusion holds that children of broadly differing abilities can succeed with appropriate support.


The mission of Children’s Learning Center of Camden County is to promote child development through friendships and family. Children’s Learning Center is a nonprofit organization that provides inclusive programing and comprehensive services to all Camden County children with and without disabilities or developmental delays, guiding them toward a successful future by meeting and enhancing their intellectual, social, and physical needs in a supportive, developmentally appropriate manner.

Program Goals

  • Provide activities that promote child and family growth and enhance the capacity of families to meet the needs of their child
  • Encourage child development through meaningful family and community experiences in order to maximize the child’s social ability and indepence
  • Deliver family centered early intervention services to children with developmental delays or disabilities and their families in the Lake of the Ozarks area

Licensing Regulations

Children’s Learning Center is licensed by the State of Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.  This means we follow precise guidelines and regulations and are inspected a minimum of 5 times per year in areas that include sanitation, fire, and licensing.  These inspections insure that cleanliness and safety of the facility, as well as the training and qualifications of the staff and well being of the children.  A copy of the State Licensing rule book is kept at the center and available for your review.  A criminal background check, FBI fingerprinting, TB Test, and Medical Exam Report are completed on employees and therapists who have direct contact with children.


Children’s Learning Center is an accredited center. Programs that achieve accreditation become a member of an elite and unique group because they have achieved a higher standard of quality. Missouri Accreditation functions in areas beyond the scope of state licensing for early childhood and school age programming. To receive accreditation, a program must exceed the minimum licensing requirements. This means our program implements a curriculum that is consistent with its goals for children and promotes learning and development in each of the following areas: social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive.  Being  accredited offers our program some added credibility and certainly distinguishes us with marked dedication.